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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you speak English?
Yes we do, English, American, Australian, and much more ?

Do you accept VAT Forms?
Yes we do

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, Visa, MasterCard, EC card (German Banking card). No usage fees apply.

Do you service and repair U.S. Spec cars?
Yes, that’s our specialty!

Do you do you service and repair E.U. Spec cars?

Yes, no problem.

Do you sell all season tires?

Yes. We have access to some of the biggest tire wholesalers in Germany.  We offer a selection of all season, winter and performance tires.

Do you sell rims?

Yes we do. Let us know your car and we can see what we can find. We also have sets of tire, rim and TPMS packages for select vehicles.

I have been to other mechanics, they are having issues getting parts for my U.S. Spec car. Can you help?
In most cases, yes. Our team is set up to service the American customer. From our experience in working on our cars over the years has allowed us to build an extensive network of suppliers in Germany and the states.

Can you do manufacturer warranty work?
No only the manufacturer can do that.

I see notices about your multipoint inspection. What is this. Do I need it?
Good question. If you need it or not depends on how well you know your car.

We have been doing multipoint inspections (MPI) for a long time. It started due to the fact that many people don’t know their car so well. Especially if they are the second or third owner.

The main purpose of an MPI is to give you insight in to what work may be needed over the next six months or so and avoid the shocking news that you need to replace x or y, which know always happens at a              bad time.

We believe in “prevention is better the cure”, so knowing your car is an important part of this.

Do you use aftermarket parts or OEM parts?
It varies. It’s safe to say most of our customers want the best price possible so we shop around the get the best price for parts. Often this would be aftermarket.

If you have a special car, or premium vehicle we may suggest OEM parts.

If you have a specific requirement for OEM parts then no Issue. Just let your service rep know.

If you have any other questions, or need a quote for tires, serving or work just get in contact.

Call or email to make an appointment today: tel: 06371 92 000 30 | Email: servicecenter@usedcarguys.net

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